Melissa Sklepetas, Certified Nutritional Practitioner

Services Provided:

Certified Nutritional Practitioner (Institute of Holistic Nutrition)

There are many different diets out there nowadays. There is no one perfect diet for everyone and to start off I want to give you as much variety as possible, and an outlook that isn’t restrictive. If warranted we will explore foods to exclude, always for a period time then re-introduce to test tolerance (unless obvious allergy/sensitivity is present).

Holistic Iridologist (International Institute of Iridology)

A picture will be taken up-close of the left and right iris (coloured part of the eye). This modality does not give me the ability to diagnose. Holistic Iridology allows me to see, especially the parts of the digestive system, that may be ‘weaker’ points for an individual. This means on an emotional and spiritual level, the thoughts and emotions associated with certain areas may be what’s holding you back from healing on a whole other level. (in-person only)

Success Coaching*

I will take you through various powerful writing exercises to craft the exponential future you can achieve. I will push you to uncover the experiences, growth and contribution you’ve been craving.

NLP Techniques*

\The nervous system and the language of the mind are used together to store experiences and give them meaning. We will discover stuck emotions and limiting beliefs. I will teach you how to clear them in a session and give you tools to use outside of a session so you are comfortable and confident outside of our time together.

Clinical Hypnotherapy*

The history of hypnosis can go as far back as the 1500’s. My goal with using hypnotherapy is to put your mind back into a state that is more suggestible and open to change. Your mind is in this state from birth to about age 7. As life goes on, the playfulness and openness of childhood disappears and we’re stuck with any ‘programs’ we have learned in that time. Hypnotherapy is used to write over those old ‘programs’ in order to create the life you really want.

EFT (Tapping)*

This modality is based upon the same energy meridians as used in acupuncture. Through a specific pattern that I will teach you, we can help the body to eliminate physical, emotional and mental issues in a very safe environment.

*currently obtaining certification

Acne, clique-type-drama, depression and emotional abuse to name a few, were things that I dealt with early on in life. Fast forward to when I wanted to work in the medical field as a Paramedic. That experience opened my eyes BIG TIME on how broken the western medical paradigm is for people with mental health. I connected with those patients the most because I knew to MY CORE something else going on. I wanted to help them, knew I could, but didn’t know how. What bothered me the most is that nobody seemed to care about the actual person in front of them, just the drugs. This person has diabetes, okay, how did they get there? How did this person develop depression? You don’t just wake up one day and – POOF – you’re sad beyond belief. No. What lead up to that? Fast forward to the present day. I now have the tools to show you how to craft your own life in the most exciting way. This is by creating awareness and turning inward to seek the answers within yourself. Society has subconsciously told us to always look outward but that is simply not the answer. I don’t want you to need me forever, I really don’t. If you’re not comfortable enough to be happy and healthy in every sense of the word then I haven’t done my job right - yet. This is the part where I’m going to say it takes time, because it does. The quicker you relinquish the thought that life happens to you, and adopt the thinking that ‘life happens for you’, the quicker you’ll see that life can be magical.

The following insurance companies recognize the services of Certified Nutritional Practitioners who are members of The International Organization of Nutritional Consultants or the Canadian Association of Natural Nutritional Practitioners:

  • Co-operators Insurance-Large Group Policies

  • RWAM Insurance Administrators Inc.

  • SunLife - Extended Benefits Policy

  • TD Canada - Flex Benefits

  • RWAM Insurance Administrators Inc.

  • Green Shield Benefit Coverage

  • ManuLife

If you do not see your insurance company plan listed it is recommended to asking your insurance company if a doctor’s referral of nutritional services would then allow coverage.